Are you a mobile phone user?
How long have you been using mobile phone?
How long will you use your mobile phone?
Is your mobile phone a liability or an asset?
Do you want to know how you can generate income from there?
If you are serious about getting more side income,
this will be the most important message you see this year.
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  1. You are not a mobile phone user.
  2. You do not want to generate more side income.
  3. You are looking for getting rich fast pyramid scheme program.
If any of those 3 descriptions match you, close this window now.
With that out of the way, I would like to share to share with you one fact.
Tone Excel Biz Plan is probably one of the best affiliate program in Malaysia

Personally, we don’t like to promote/purchase any kind of MLM product as it usually require high investment and most of the products are non-compulsory.

But this plan is something different from the others.

If you haven’t heard about it, it is a prepaid mobile plan that powered by tune-talk, but with greater benefits and opportunity to generate side income.

Please check out the company and the mobile plan. (Also known as “bisnes tone excel” in Malay language )

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Why it is different from others?
BIG Potential Income

Achieve sales ones and keeping the income coming. Top up commission is recurring income and can last for years as long as they stay with the line.

Easy to Grow BIG

No physical product requirement to ship every month (except your sim card). You can market offline (Conventional way) and online easily via search engine and social media.

The 5th Elements

Mobile phone is the 5th important element after food, transport, house and outfit. Everyone needs to spend on mobile plan every month. Unlike other MLM product, where you can leave it anytime

BIG Potential Customers

Unofficial report showing that tone excel has 440,000 users in the mid of 2014. It is still far < 1 million users. And there are potential of 19 million potential customers.

We are going to stop here as there are dozen more reasons such as low investment, no stockist required and etc.


How much you can earn?
There are people earning peanut but there are people earning 4/5 figures or even 6 figures every month.
It all depends on how you grow your customers.
There are 4 type of bonuses plus multiple levels recurring income.
Sounds like a Multi-Level-Marketing Scam!

Yes. That is our first impression when we got to know it.

Let’s be honest.

ToneExcel has been in the market for >5 years.

It is certified by “Lembaga Pelindung & Kebajikan Pengguna Malaysia”

It has 4 BIG advantages compare to other programs

Strong company background

Tons of testimonials and successful cases

It is not MLM scam (NOT blacklisted by Security Commission Malaysia even after 5 years).

It shows up in TV2!

So… It is safe, real and has big opportunity.

But It is not easy to get even 10 members!

Yes, it is not easy if you don’t have proper marketing strategies.

Just imagine how many friends or family members you can invite to join?  5, 10 or 20?

Well. The biggest mistakes commonly found is using the wrong marketing strategies


Are you trying to “beg” around your friends and family to join this program?

This is the first step you should do but it is not enough.


After that what is next?


Join as many groups as possible in FB or WeChat and post your message to attract leads?


These are not all wrong but not effective.
What is the Ultimate Solution?
You need an online marketing strategies that can target large audience fast and effective.

We provide powerful affiliate website that come with free traffic and Facebook marketing strategies that will help you to get more customers.


Our solution is easy to understand and can be used by any beginner without required high expertise in online marketing.


And the biggest benefit to join us is getting the opportunity to get free downline (customers) at AutoPilot
online marketing
Why are we sharing these strategies?
relax & sharing

This program is a multi-level affiliate program.

It works better if we have a strong team working together.


We see many are struggling to get more customers and thought of our knowledge may able to help some of you.


Sharing is a great way to become successful and to grow a business, especially an MLM business or a business that has an MLM element to it.
What do you get from us?
ToneExcel WOW Sim Card

One (1) ToneExcel WOW Sim Card (Powered by Tune Talk) worth RM 95.4 with RM 30 credit inside the sim card. Alternately, you can get the sim card from other place but make sure you register under us to enjoy the free marketing strategies.

Online Marketing Strategies

A private membership area that enables you to access our online marketing strategies, which will then help you grow your customers fast. We share our best online marketing tips, videos, added new unique method to help you maximize the potential income.


Free Downline

Our affiliate website is SEO optimize and rank well in google search engine. If someone visit the site without any referral ID, a random member will be selected to become it sponsor. This means that you may get free downline as autopilot even if you didn’t promote your affiliate website. Learn more.

Professional Marketing Material

Professional design pictures, slogan and material that you can use in online marketing such as FB group, Ads and FB Page.

Awesome Affiliate Website

A powerful affiliate website in English and Malay that comes with special features such as email auto-responder and able to keep your information when your leads revisit your site.

Marketing E-Book

A private label e-book that contains the online marketing strategies where you can share with your downline. Your downline also eligible to apply our affiliate website for free.

How much does it cost?

The Sim-Card alone costs RM 95.40 (come with RM 30 value) + RM 9.60 delivery fee.

Alternately, you can get it somewhere else from tone-excel branches or services center.


But do not let others register your Sim Card under them.


You must register under us in order to access our Facebook marketing strategies and affiliate website for FREE!
If you are serious about getting more income, this is the right time to join!

Find out more about the next step after you place your order.


We see you in the other side!
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