3 Simple Steps To Get Started

  • Start Using Tone Excel Sim Card

    Buy a Tone Excel Plan SIM Card for RM 95.4 plus the delivery cost of RM 4.6. You can keep your existing number or get a new one number. The sim card comes with RM 30 in credits which you can use for calls, SMS, or mobile data.

  • Register and Activate Your SIM Card

    Register and activate your SIM card under us. Notify us in order to get your access to our private area. You can continue using your prepaid mobile calls, SMS and data. But at the same time, you will get a membership ID.


  • Start Promoting Tone Excel Plan

    Login to our private member area. Choose and follow the strategy to start promoting Tone Excel plan. Continue to use our various strategies to help you grow your customers even bigger.

Once someone joins as your customer, you will get the one time fast track bonus of RM 20. When your customers continue to use the SIM card and top-up credits, you will get a percentage commission from that.