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Since we are working as team and giving all these marketing materials and affiliate website for free, we will need you to join under our sponsor. If you are existing customer of tone excel, you will need to join us with a new account. This is needed in order to protect our member’s (including your) privilege.

To join us, simply for the 6 steps below.

Step to Join ToneExcelGuru

#1 Get a Tone Excel WOW Sim Card

You can buy the sim card online here. Please make sure you fill in the require data correctly. The data will be used to guide you to register and activate your sim card later.

Alternately, you can purchase from Tone Excel Branches or Service Centres.

But do not let others register your sim card under them.

You must register under us in order to access our secret sauce, marketing cheat sheet and affiliate website for FREE!

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Make Payment (If you buy online from us)

You can either pay with credit card (paypal), manual online banking and ATM deposit.

For manual online banking and ATM deposit, you can use this form to contact us once you have make the payment. We will process your order within 24 hours.

#2 Activate Your Sim Card

Once you have you sim card, you may proceed to active the sim card with the guide here. We can guide you on how to activate the sim card if needed.

#3 Notify Us

SMS using your registered sim card to 010-548 8723 to notify us once you have activated the sim card. We will proceed to create/upgrade your membership to let you access our private member area.

#4 Change your password

Kindly login your tone excel account at:, username will be your IC number (without -), with password is 1234.
Kindly change your password instantly at menu Member Profile – Change Password.

#5 Sign-up Tune Talk Selfcare and modify your mobile phone number (Optional)

In case you wish to change your phone no., you need to register with Tune Talk Selfcare and modify your mobile phone number for free in 48 hrs. After 48 hrs, modifying your phone no. will charge RM 5 per change.

#6 Login to Private Member Area

Login to our private member area to here to access all the information and marketing strategies. We will update and add the new strategies from time to time. Make sure you come back regular to learn the new skill.


And here’s to your success!
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