About Tone Excel Group

The Story Behind

Owning 60.1% of Tune Talk are the companies, Tune Group Sdn Bhd (25.1%) and Celcom Axiata Berhad (35.1%). Tune Group collaborated with the Celcom group which meant a lot for the telecommunications industry. It was big move that brought together two of the top companies to facilitate a more innovative and revolutionary approach for mobile communications.

About Tone Excel Sdn BHD

Malaysian telecommunications saw the entry of Tone Excel Sdn Bhd, a big market player. When they came in, they drew their experiene from financial services, insurance, and network marketing to develop their own strategies and create channels that would helpe generate revenue..

Tune Talk along with Tone Excel Sdn Bhd reached an agreement back in February 10, 2010 giving financial freedom to each and every mobile user in Malaysia. This agreement led to the creation of the WOW SIM which was found to be the missing link for them to achieve this goal.

Company Vision

Tune Talk envisions an industry where they can provide their users a passive income tool through their new sim card helping their customers generate revenue;

Hopefully, the additional income will be used to cope with the continuous rise in living costs in the country and allow them to be free, financially.

Company Mission

  • To create a new business platform that offers an opportunity to all our customers especially those who own a prepaid sim.
  • To provide tools that allow users to earn additional income to use in coping with the continuous rise of living costs.


Tone Excel business is Rakan Niaga with Lembaga Pelindung Dan Kebajikan Pengguna in Malaysia.

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