Who are we?

about us

We (Lead by Adam) come from web design and online marketing industries with more than 10 years’ experience in the field web design and marketing.

We help numerous companies increase their business revenue through various online marketing strategies such search marketing and social media marketing.

We know well how to drive targeted traffic/visitors to you and increase your sales through your affiliate website.

Why Us?

Honestly, there are tons of people promoting Tone Excel plan.

But most them always trying to sell to you and leave you alone after that.

They don’t have the proper marketing strategies to guide you to grow together.

There are some great tips and videos sharing around here but not systematic which make you difficult to get started and follow.


paint point

We understand the pain it brings and that’s why we are here.


We believe online marketing is the ultimate solution.
Are you still the one of those who think it is not possible to make money online?

Let me share with you one fact.

There are tons of people making decent money online without 9-5 job for long term.

We are not referring to those getting rich through money pyramid scheme. We dealing with real internet business that bring value to people.

And to succeed and generate sales in internet business world, you need 2 important things.


High Targeted Traffic + Highly Converting Website = Unlimited Sales

Here is the simple example

If you are selling clothes online, you need lots of visitors who are looking to buy clothes (targeted traffic) to visit your website. Or imagine you open a shop in a small town compared to a popular shopping mall. Low number of visitors means small sales.

Next, you need a professional and good looking web store (Highly Converting Website) to convince and give the confidence to your visitors so that they will be more enticed to buy from you. Or would you prefer to buy clothes from a night market or a shop in shopping mall IF the prices are the same?

Same thing applies to internet business world.


shopping mall
How do we get targeted traffics?

Direct referrals from social network such as Facebook

Visitors click a link shared by their friends, group or page.

Organic Traffics from search engine (Google)

Someone searches for “buy cloth” and your website appears in page 1.

Paid Advertisement

You pay money to put ads in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.

Email Marketing

You send email to a large group of audience to invite them to visit your site.

Retargeting Strategies

A powerful technic used to reengage your past visitors to come back to your site and buy from you again..

Opportunity To Get Free Downline at AutoPilot

One of the biggest benefit to join us is getting the opportunity to get free downline (customers) at AutoPilot.

Traffic From Google Search Result

First, we implement SEO marketing to rank high monthly searches keyword in to page 1 in Google search result. This will bring lot of visitors from search engine.

Since these visitors are not promoted by any member, system will randomly pick a member to become visitors’ sponsor. You will become a referrer to someone that you don’t know at autopilot.

Free Downline

Assuming we have 50 members and the monthly visitors are 3000, each of you may become referrer to 60 visitors every month. If 20% of them join tone excel, you can get 12 downlines every month at autopilot.

free downline

Timing is Crucial

But once the total number of member increased, the free visitor may decrease. So the earlier you join, the greater free visitor you will get.

At our end, we will try to rank more keywords in to top 10 and bring in more free visitors to our site.

What is a Highly Converting Website?
  1. Professional and good looking website that give confidence to visitor
  2. Professional sales copy content that is able to guide user to solve their problem and buy the product or service.
  3. Email AutoResponder which is used to capture potential customer and turn them from cold leads, to warm leads, and finally purchasing customers.
  4. Seamless ordering process that makes buying your products and services easy.

We have prepared and applied the same marketing strategies in to the Tone Excel Business.

converting website
What do you need to do?

We have setup a highly converting affiliate site for you.


We even bring in free traffic from search engines via SEO. This is potentially able to help you get some customers at no cost.


All you need is to do is bring in more potential customers by using the 3 strategies provided in our ultimate Facebook marketing guide.


There is literally nothing to lose but a lot of opportunities to gain!

(You use your prepaid plan as usual)


Bonus #1


Another High Traffic and Converting Affiliate Website *


You will receive 2 affiliate websites! This means that you will receive more free traffic from search engine and increase the chance to get more customers at AutoPilot.

(For Limited Time)

* Second affiliate site will be given in Month 2 after joining us.

free update
Bonus #2


Free Updates to Marketing Strategies


We will continue to test and add more strategies in the member area to help you get more customers

Join us now to enjoy these benefits from us and start you own internet business.

Disclaimer: We do not guarantee any sales you can get but we are confidence it can help you market your product better if you follow correctly. The marketing strategy also can be applied to other products.